December 16, 2008

Anticipating the return of good tv

Saying farewell to good tv is bittersweet. I’d much rather see a favorite show end before it jumps the shark, but I still hate to see them go. We freshly had to part ways with Vic Mackey and the rest of the gang at the barn. It’s is shame to have one less great series in a sea of trite and predicable television shows.

Fortunately, there are still a handful of series out there that are well-written, directed and/or acted. We recently wrapped up seasons of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Californication, Dexter, and Entourage and Mad Men drew to a close not long ago. We weren’t disappointed. I’ve got to say Dexter was especially great this season. I thought season two was weak, but they made up for it in season three. If they could only off Deb, all would be right. She’s just awful. I won’t offer any spoilers; I know many wait for episodes on DVD.

The holidays always bring a hiatus of sorts to tv land, and this year’s no different. Our dvr gets a vacation the next couple weeks. But then, we’re back in business come the New Year.

Nip/Tuck’s new season premieres January 6th.

Big Love and Flight of the Concords return on January 18th.

United States of Tara premieres January 18th; it’s the new comer I’m most looking forward to watching.

Then this spring two of my absolute favorite shows will finally be back, Curb your Enthusiasm and Rescue Me.

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