December 15, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

...and feel like it, too. It was a chilly weekend and Saturday we had ridiculously wicked winds. Today's no better, we've already reached our high of 40. I've already watched the mercury drop a few degrees. The sky is blanketed in what I know to be snow clouds. You can barely make out the mountains. It reminds me of a winter day in Chicago when I look outside. My mom called to tell me it's snowing in Pahrump, her yard is covered, it's the most accumulation she's had there. I've heard flakes were falling in Summerlin. I live close to where they were reported so I bet there's been flurries at my place. My office is near the strip, it's only rained here, so far. It's only been a couple days and I'm already ready for the cold to clear out, but I won't get reprieve anytime soon. 40's are forecasted the rest of the week.

It figures, a couple weeks ago, I was bragging to Bob, my brother-in-law, about our warm weather. He flies in from Louisville on Thursday afternoon. He'll stay with us until Monday, it looks like we might see the 50's by the end of his visit.

I'm happy to report, I've finished all of my holiday shopping and Christmas cards are in the mail. This week I need to get a box together to be shipped to family in Chicago. Then, I'm pretty well set. I'm not sure what our plans will be this year. I'm working Christmas Eve, but I'll be off the following two days. Frank is off Christmas Eve, but works everyday after until the 29th. My mom's still off due to her injured back. I imagine we'll get together, we'll likely head out to her place after I get off work Christmas Eve.

I have ingredients for all kinds of cookies and other sweet treats. I'm anxious to try new recipes, but I haven't had the time to bake. I've tried a few new dinner recipes, I'll have to share those.

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