December 1, 2008


Is a lot more fun as tourist than as a resident.

We headed down on Monday. We stopped at Lucille's BBQ in Henderson on the way. We drove by the old condo, the blinds I hung are still there. The complex hasn't changed a bit. After the drive through town, we checked into the Colorado Belle. Rooms were no different. Nothing special, but you can't beat it at $9/night. The casino had minor changes, like a complete conversion to TITO; it was less dusty, too. We casino hopped, bet on MNF, and spent most of the night at Riverside. We watched the game at the bar, drank beers, and played keno. We had dinner at Casa Serrano. It was tasty as always. We wrapped up the night with more blackjack and video poker. I couldn't win, but luckily Frank won enough to cover my losses.

Tuesday we had the breakfast buffet ($8 for two). Frank played poker, I played keno, then we hit the outlet mall. We bought a few things before seeing Role Models at the theater there. It was funny, we enjoyed it. If it weren't for one guy we could've had the theater to ourselves. We drove over to Arizona to see what had changed in Bullhead City. They opened a few new stores and places to eat. We had mexican again for lunch. We went back to the hotel, killed a few hours in the room. We went to Golden Nugget we gambled before dinner at Salt Grass. We played video poker, after I won some cash on penny slots. I lost my $20, Frank was still playing, he won $100 on a 4-of-a-kind. I dug out five quarters from my purse and dropped them in the machine. I was dealt two Aces and a pair. I went to hold them, but Frank stopped me and said only hold the aces. I did and....

this popped up
From Laughlin win

I won $213.50!!!!!!!

That's my biggest win in years! I was very excited. It took a long time for me to cash out since it wasn't ticket in/ticket out, but I didn't mind. We had dinner at Salt Grass. We weren't terribly hungry so we just ordered appetizers and Frank had a salad. We saw the comedy show at River Palms afterwards. Tickets were $14 and we had a 2-for-1. Can't beat that. The show was funny, but not in the traditional sense. The main act kept getting crickets, it was painfully funny. We enjoyed ourselves. We finished up the night playing blackjack at Colorado Belle.

Wednesday, we had breakfast at the buffet again. Played another session of blackjack and then left for Harrah's. Frank wanted to pop in to say hello. We hung around there a while and then headed home.

I've since spent the 13.50, but I still have two $100 crisp bills in my wallet. I plan to save them until next week for our stay at the Signature. Hopefully, they'll bring me luck at MGM. Frank broke even for the trip. It was great to go home winners. We had a good time in Laughlin. It was nice to be tourists again.


Jay said...

I just stumbled across your blog from Hurricane Mikey's. Thanks for your posts about Laughlin. I love that little city in the desert! Congrats on your 4OAK!

Kellee said...

Thanks for stopping by, I love Laughlin, too. I've been itching for a visit. Hope to head down there soon.