December 23, 2011


We were fortunate to receive club seats for yesterday's MAACO Bowl at Sam Boyd Stadium. Frank has been a BSU fan for sometime, he loves the way they play the game. They always pull out some of the craziest and most unexpected plays. They did not disappoint going against ASU. I enjoy watching Boise State even though I've never been a big NCAA football fan, mainly because of the BCS. You know what that stands for right? Being Constantly Snubbed. I dislike the ranks, I much prefer a true champion. If college football implemented a bracket system like they have for basketball I'd be all about it. December Madness, can you imagine?

Anyway, back to the game. We were able to park in the VIP lot. Getting in and out of the stadium couldn't have been easier.

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The sun was setting when we got to our seats. They were great by the way. In the club house, there was a nice spread of eats and non-alcoholic drinks were complimentary. Beer and cocktails were half-price. Inside seating filled up quickly because it was mighty chilly in the desert last night. We snacked and then took our seats outside, and waited for the game to get started.

I love it when they bring out the field sized flag for sporting events. Fighter jets flew over after the National Anthem.

Frank was thrilled that this was the first sporting event he was able to place bets while attending the game.

Boise wasted no time getting this Bowl started. How long before the first touchdown? 14 seconds. Yep, that's right. And the rest of the game was non-stop action... from BSU's end zone to end zone touchdowns and interceptions, to ASU;s missed field goal attempt and a pointless touchdown. All in all, it was a good, good, night. A profitable one, too. Frank snagged two out of three bets, that pointless touchdown cost him second half BSU -7. Still, he netted a nice sum.


Jay said...

So happy to see you guys are Broncos fans! Love their blue turf and exciting offense.

That would have been a fun game to attend. From the kickoff return to start the game to the end...lots of offense.

Frank is looking svelte!

Kellee said...

It was a great game. Very fun to watch.