May 2, 2011

Dun Dun... Dun Dun

My sister and I shopped a lot this weekend. Like most moms, Amy's focus has been on Nicky... his needs, his wants... Whatever she might need or want always takes the back seat. The time had come for her to spruce up her wardrobe with some staple pieces that will be needed for interviews and such. Once she heads back home, she'll be faced with the challenge of being a single working parent. So, I encouraged her to prepare for this next step. We share similar fit issues so it was no easy task or joyful experience, but we got the job done.

As a reward for good behavior we went to the Shark Reef for some fun. And fun was certainly had.

Nicky's favorite part? "Touching the Stingray with one finger!"

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Jay said...

He's a cute little dude. Great family memories you'll have forever. Thank you for sharing.