May 13, 2011


Monday, we got up and headed to LA. Amy and Nicky have never been and Frank and I wanted to try one of their delis. After a quick search it seemed Langer's Deli was most popular so that's where we went.

Amy had the club sandwich with turkey and ham, Nicky had the hot dog, Frank had the grilled pastrami rueben and I had the grilled corned beef rueben (Frank and I shared) and we all split an order of potato pancakes. It was time to see which city does it better LA or NYC. We prefer LA.

As good as the pastrami was at Katz's Deli, we agreed that we liked this sandwich better. I'd give Katz's the nod for corned beef, but Langer's beat them by a land slide with those potato pancakes. Yum! Lunch was pricey about $20/pp just like Katz's but it was worth it. I'd definitely return next time I'm in LA.

Next stop was Hollywood. It's the touristy thing to do, and boy did we look like tourists. We were all decked out in White Sox wear in preparation for the game later that night. It was like we were flashing a neon sign that says "Chicago". We took photos of the stars, the funniest was Charlie Sheen's. Nicky stood there and yelled "duh, winning" he cracked up everyone within an earshot.

Then, we stopped by the Grauman Chinese and Kodak Theaters. Nicky posed with a few characters. He was so excited to see the Joker.

Frank suggested we take a Hollywood Tour. So, we stopped to chat with one that called us over. Tickets were $80 for adults and $40 for kids. Absolutely not. Frank talked him down to $15/ea and he threw in a puzzle for Nicky. We were set to board at 2:30 we had a little time to kill so we made a Starbucks run. Soon, we were on our way. Amy was SO excited that she was going to see the Playboy Mansion. It was cute.

Church from Sister Act.

Tower of Terror at California Adventure was based on this hotel.

The best sign in LA

The fire escape from Pretty Woman. Richard Gere was afraid of heights so they seeked out the lowest one to the ground they could find.

Ringo Star's gate

Peope write messages on this gate in front of Elvis' former home

Julia Roberts former home on the same street

Keanu Reeves home taken by Nicky

Ozzy's former residence, now owned by Christina Aguilera

Michael Jackson's gate

The Playboy Mansion, Amy was bummed this is all you could see.

The Spelling residence, with 123 rooms or something nutty, the most expensive in the area.

Rodeo Dr

Simon Cowell's house currently under construction

We were told the tour took 1.5 hours, but it ran about 2 hours and 15 minutes. We got back to Anaheim later than we would've liked.

We walked over to Angels Stadium and managed to score 4 free tickets while Frank was waiting in line to buy them. The stadium was pretty dead, but it was a great game! White Sox won 8-0. It was Nicky's first baseball game he had fun and quickly became an Angels' fan. He thought it was the best to root against Amy who was cheering on the White Sox. We ate peanuts and hot dogs. Nicky even got cotton candy which was a riot watching him scarf it down.

After the win, we went to JT Schmidt's to celebrate. Frank had their hefe and I had their light brew. Nicky stuck with root beer. Amy was our DD even though we were walking. We also shared sweet potato fries and chicken wings.

We crashed back at the hotel, there was another day planned.

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