May 25, 2011

Hook, Line and Sinker

You might remember that weight loss challenge Frank took part in earlier this year. Not only did he do well, but his team as a whole excelled. They lost the most weight collectively. In addition to healthier thinner selves they were also rewarded with points, good for a multitude of prizes.

One of Frank's choices was Playstation 3. We like the versatility of it. Game console, computer/internet, and blu-ray player all in one. Yet, it wasn't something we wanted badly enough to fork over our hard earned cash. Given that this would allow us to get it without spending a dime, we were sold.

The package arrived while we were in California. It sat on our front porch for a couple days. Fortunately, it was there when we got home. Yet, another reason to love our neighborhood. Anyhow, we didn't get to play with it right away because PS3 was down from that major hack.

Once it was up and running, we tried out Red Box. It'd be more convenient if it had more blu-ray titles, but it worked out well. The quality of the movie was top-notch. It'll be nice to have a reasonably priced alternative to PPV.

Frank was sweet and bought a game we'd both enjoy, he picked up "You Don't Know Jack." He prefers the pc for his gaming, anyway, so the PS3 is mainly a source of amusement. It'd be great if we could get our hands on some sort of Jeopardy game.

We signed up for Netflix. We've used the service before but cancelled it years ago because we tired of scratched dvds. Now that Netflix streams video all of our complaints have been resolved. We scanned thru tv shows and Sons of Anarchy caught my attention. We never watched it, the whole biker gang aspect was never appealing, but since it was an FX show and it's earned awards (and a huge audience) I told Frank we should check it out. The pilot hooked us. We've spent the last week watching 26 episodes. We finished Season 2 last night, I'm officially a fan! Season 3 has already aired but it has not been released on dvd. We are left to wait to see what happens next to SAMCRO. I hope FX shows re-runs sooner than later, I suspect at the very least it'll re-run before Season 4 begins this fall.

Now, we need to find another show to occupy our time until Breaking Bad returns. I wonder what else is out there that we've missed?

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