May 27, 2011

A Second Wind

New life has been brought back to Lake Las Vegas. Ravella has replaced Ritz Carlton and last night Casino Montelago re-opened. We went to the opening celebration last night. There was a good turn out. The parking garage filled up quickly and folks were parking in a nearby overflow lot. We walked through the village was surprised to see so many eateries and shops survived the temporary ghost-town. We sat lakeside waiting for the fireworks that were scheduled. Little did we know they were actually launched over the hotel. It took us a minute to gain a view, and when we did the show only lasted a couple more minutes. It had to be the shortest firework display ever.

When the clock struck nine, the crowds flooded the small casino. There was not an open machine when we got inside. Overall, the casino is brighter than it was before, they upgraded games and the pit is know strictly electronic. It was the roulette table that caught my attention. It was the first I seen this type. The sports bar overlooks the casino and a sportsbook will be coming soon. Supposedly, there may be a poker room in its future, as well.

I hope the casino does well and I'd like to see Lake Las Vegas flourish with its second wind.

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