May 20, 2011

I Waited All Week For You

I waited all week, and finally, it's Friday. Boy! Am I ever ready for the weekend. I wish I could say it'll be restful, but I have a long to do list. There were dozens of things that were put off because we weren't sure if we'd be moving. Then, when we knew we were staying put Amy and Nicky arrived and that those things needing attention were put on the back burner.

The carpet needs cleaning, the showers need scrubbing, and the windows need washing. The yard has needed tending, too, but we got a headstart on that last weekend. There is only a bit more to be done. Like finding a solution for the corners of our backyard. The one corner has the pond. It needs flowers or something to spruce it up a bit, just to make it look finished. The opposite corner has oleander, and two palm trees. We recently tore out weathered bamboo borders. That area needs attention. We bought replacement border but it won't work. My current idea is to add dirt and plant ground cover flowers and/or plants. It's also time to replace the patio string lights, the sun and winds have beat the decorative lights to shreds. I picked up a string of globes at Big Lots. I'd like to switch those out, if the winds will cooperate.

With any luck, I'll save some energy for Sunday night's concert.

I leave you with the two LLV articles. Vegas Values: Grateful for Graeters and Vegas Values: Let Me See That Sushi Roll.


Jay said...

Graeter's sounds really good. I like how you described it weighing twice the typical pint...that tells me there is quality to be had there.

Oregon black raspberries? Never knew they existed, but that sounds like some fantastic ice cream. Mmmmm, I'm hungry all of a sudden. :o)

Kellee said...

It is good stuff!