June 22, 2010

Viva Elvis

Sunday, Frank and I had a nice night out. A couple months back Cirque Du Soleil announced a summer promotion offering tickets from $55. I jumped at the offer and bought tickets to Viva Elvis. We attended Sunday's 7pm performance. We grabbed dinner at Julian Serrano beforehand, but I'll share more about that meal another day.

My tickets were auto-generated, we were seated in Section 404 Row JJ Seats 1 and 2. Which is located in the last row of the theater. The theater is large and a bit different than other Cirque Shows. This one reminded me a bit of the Colosseum where we saw Cher. The seating is very steep. Individual chairs are roomy and pretty comfortable - such a treat compared to those at "O".

We took our seat about 15-minutes before showtime. There is no pre-show entertainment, we played a game of Sudoku to pass time. About 10 minutes til, I recall saying "those are a lot of seats to fill in short time", as I looked at the sea of emptiness around and below me. The majority of those seats were never filled. If I had to guess, I'd say the theater was less than half filled.

The show got started to a fun number, but then it quickly lost pace. I was bored only a few minutes in, it wasn't until the trampoline act that I gained interest. Only to lose it again later. Viva Elvis gives us a look at Elvis' life from birth. His songs supply the soundtrack, but unlike Love his music is not used. Therefore, the show feels a bit like cheesy Vegas show, with an Elvis tribute. It was a lot of song and dance. The talents of Cirque Du Soleil performers were not well showcased here. There were only a few exceptions where the cast left you breathless. This was the first time 90 minutes lagged during a Cirque Show. Even the grand finale was bit anti-climatic. It was a big disappointment. It's hard to believe this is CityCenter's only entertainment draw.

Criss Angel's Believe has earned the reputation as the worst Cirque Show, but I really can't imagine it being much worse that Viva Elvis. I now want to see it, it can't possibly be that bad, can it?


Christine said...

my family members went to see the Elvis show and didn't like it at all. said it was a total waste of time and money and didn't feel at all like the other Cirque shows.

Kellee said...

Yep! I agree, it was bad!