June 1, 2010


Exhaust [ig-zawst]
verb (used with object)
1. to drain of strength or energy, wear out, or fatigue greatly, as a person.

I'm experiencing new levels of exhaustion. I am mentally and physically wiped out. My ass should be smaller because I busted it all weekend. I laid out my plans last week, needless to say it didn't go exactly as I thought, but I accomplished a lot.

Friday was our only time for play, we went to Town Square, we thought we'd have dinner at Yard House and catch a movie. Not a chance, the lots were ridiculous. Sex and the City 2 made the place a madhouse. Absolute insanity. Plan B was dinner at Casa Don Juan. We had carnitas and tamales - Muy bueno! We drove home through the historic Alta neighborhood. We just love it there... would love to own a place there someday. We went in the hot tub when we got home. It was a nice night.

Saturday the madness began. My house was in dire need of a deep cleaning after being neglected the last few weeks. I vacuumed & washed the floors, and laundered everything (clothes, linens, rugs), wiped down walls, doors and baseboards, cleaned the fridge, and the rest of the kitchen, the bathrooms and finished by scrubbing the shower. Then, I ran to Sam's Club, Glazier's and Smith's for groceries. Fun times, I tell you.

Sunday & Monday were spent in Pahrump. Sunday we worked like mules. Mom rented another Uhaul to move the remainder of stuff. This has seriously been the world's longest move. By 11 o'clock Sunday night all animals were at the new house. And most of everything was cleared out of the old place. Or so we thought. They still managed to fill the truck on Monday with one last load. While they worked on that, Frank tackled the landscaping and I made it my personal mission to give them a livable kitchen area. When I started yesterday no counters could be seen, but by the end of the day. I had cleaned all cabinets and counters, lined shelves, unpacked, washed and dried every piece, organized and got it all put away. Frank achieved his goal, as well. He trimmed more than a dozen trees and pulled another 6 or so dead ones from the ground with the Suburban. Working with mature trees takes a bit more work than maintaining our little Vegas trees. Some branches were the size of trees you see staked in most newer neighborhoods. Piles and piles remain. We never had a chance to build a firepit. Until then, my mom is set for firewood (she has a wood burning fireplace in this house) for the next 10 winters, at least.

The highlight of my weekend was discovering a scrumptious treat from In-N-Out. I've had animal fries before and was less than enthused by the sloppy soggy mess that the dressing creates. Months later, I got to thinking... how great would the fries be with just grilled onions and cheese? Finally, I gave them a whirl. Sinful. I wish I never gave animal fries another thought. I hate what this tasty delight will do to my ass and thighs. Those Double Doubles do enough damage. However, if I keep going at the current pace, I won't need to worry. It'll all be a wash in the end.

Just a brief notice, posts will likely be light this week. Work is hectic. Life in general just feels chaotic. If I have time for a breather, I'll share... something, but otherwise it might just be crickets the next few days.

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