June 25, 2010

Ahh! Friday!

It's been a long week. I'm anxious to get the weekend started. Other than the Slightly Stoopid show tonight we have no real plans. That's ok by me, it's been a hectic six weeks.

Mike is back in Chicago, but before he left he managed to score a bonus day in Vegas because his flight was cancelled due to tornado sightings in Chicago. Nicky called me yesterday to tell me "the bad storms are gone". They scared him a bit. He and Amy had to take shelter. Now he's learned all about tornadoes. He's not a fan. Just another reason for them to move to Nevada. I doubt that will happen, but I should be seeing Amy and Nicky soon. She's planning a trip for September since she turns 21 in August. Depending on what happens with my dad's job, he may be joining them, as well. If that's the case Mike and Jeff will come, too and they'll drive out in my dad's conversion van. It will be nice if it pans out. My dad has only visted once, that was during our wedding. If it doesn't, Amy and Nicky plan to fly out. I can't wait to see them.

Since it's Friday that means I have articles to share with you. You get two today because I forgot to share one last week. Learn about Las Vegas' only pick and pay orchard and check out my thoughts about tapas at Julian Serrano inside Aria.

Vegas Values: Pick and Pay

Vegas Values: Julian Serrano

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