June 30, 2008

Busy bee

Time sure flies when you're busy. Let’s see what’s been going on…

Thursday, we had dinner with Frank’s uncles and his parents at Village Pub. I was pleased to learn that they serve up ribs just as tasty as Ellis Island’s on Thursdays. The cost is a couple dollars more $13.99 for full slab, but there’s no ridiculous wait or in my case no drive across town. There’s a Village Pub within walking distance of the house. Tasty and convenient - can’t beat that.

Friday, the in-laws went back to Chicago. All in all, we had a nice visit. Also, my replacement printer from Kodak arrived [back in December, I bought a camera, part of the deal was a free 5100 Kodak printer. We didn’t open the box until we moved, when we set it up it wouldn’t work, it had print head issues. Three print head kits later, it still didn’t work so customer service finally sent out a new one]. I set it up and I was thrilled to see it worked.

Saturday morning, I was back at McCarran to pick up my mom. She had a draining trip; we visited at my house and went through my grandma’s things that she brought back with her. We also sorted through old pictures. Most of which I had never seen. It was neat to hear old stories and reminisce; it was a healthy way for us to look back at my grandma’s life since there were no official services. I kept the pictures and told my mom I’d scan them for her. We had lunch at Viva El Taco, a small taco shop much like the Roberto’s chain. However, the carne asada was better. I didn’t come across a single fatty piece in my entire burrito. I’ve shied away from Roberto’s lately because of poor quality of meat. Needless to say, I was happy with Viva El Taco and I look forward to trying more items. I saw they offered tacos al pastor. I’m sure I’ll get that next time. The rest of the day and night were spent in the pool and spa, with a break in between for dinner – baby swiss cheeseburgers on the grill.

Sunday, I was up bright and early. I scanned my grandma’s pictures for my mom. Talk about breaking in the new printer, but it handled it like a champ. Once Frank was moving about, we headed out to Sears. We needed a leaf blower and power washer. Luckily, both were on sale, we also picked up a Craftsman tool set. Our former set is missing a bunch of items because they’ve broke over the last eight years. We figured Craftsman was a good investment since the tools are guaranteed for life. We were in and out, and $600 poorer when we left. We grabbed lunch at Jersey Mike’s and headed to the condo to pick up our fish. They survived the move just fine, although, they’re currently in a 20 gallon tank, I bet they'll be happy to move back into their 55 gallon home once we get it set up. We took an afternoon swim before getting started on yard work. Frank cut the grass (we bought a push-mower right after we moved in) I’ve gotta admit for a small yard, it does the trick. I’m quite impressed. I weeded and pruned the plants, trees and bushes in the front yard. Frank broke out the leaf blower and cleaned up the perimeter of the yard. I got started on weeding and pruning the backyard, only managed to get about half complete before the sun began to set. We did all this without realizing it was the hottest day of the year thus far. We didn’t know until we tuned into the eleven o’clock news. We grilled up BBQ chicken for dinner and then set out to Whole Foods for a few tasty treats. We picked up beef and chicken kabobs, chicken satay, asparagus, latkes, salami and cheese. We tried to behave and not go overboard, but somehow we managed to spend $100. I don’t know how people can shop there as their main grocery store. If we did, our monthly bill would be thousands of dollars.

As always the weekend was much too short. I’m looking forward to my four day week and long holiday weekend.

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