June 23, 2008


First, my grandma passed away early Friday evening. All five of her kids were there with her in her final hour. She was the strongest woman I ever knew. Her first husband passed away when my mom was two. She was left to raise three boys and two girls on her own. When all the kids were grown and moved out of the house, she remarried and moved to Wisconsin. I have vivid memories of visiting Gordon and her. Gordon passed away when I was 7 or so. My grandma returned to Illinois. It was nice to see her regularly. She’d liked to bake, she was an avid gardener and enjoyed crafts. She made sweet pickles like no other, among other tasty goodies. She will be missed.

The in-laws are still visiting; they’ll be heading home on Friday. We’ve had fun and some good times, but we’re looking forward to getting our new home back to ourselves.

Saturday we took them out to the Potato Ridge trail outside of Red Rock Canyon. They had an enjoyable time. They preferred the easy well marked portions of the trail compared to the parts that were washed out by floods a few years back. Those areas are among Frank and my favorite since we really enjoy rock crawling. I have photos to share, I plan to get those posted later today.

We ordered a Sirius Radio home dock. It arrived Friday and we've been listening to commercial free tunes ever since. It's wonderful.

Frank I have been living in Las Vegas for five years now. Amazing how time flies. We've accomplished quite a bit in a short time. We love the life we've created for ourselves here. Relocating from Chicago proves to be one of the greatest decisions we've ever made.

We ordered a hammock from Mexico. It should’ve shipped last week, but there was an error with the shipping address. Frank ventured to North Las Vegas this morning and picked it up at Fed Ex. I can’t wait to get it hung. I see a lot of siestas in our future.

Tonight the in-laws will be treating us to dinner at Seablue. We haven’t dined there since April (far too long), we are really looking forward to the meal.

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