June 10, 2008

Dreams do come true

It's so nice to finally have a house, we enjoy it more than we imagined. The move went well on Friday, the house was trashed by the time they left. It was a bit overwhelming to see our belongings scattered about everywhere. Saturday, I got started cleaning and organizing. Frank took time to learn our timers for lights, pool, a/c, sprinklers, etc. He configured the smart box to get internet and cable to run through the house. After DirecTv was installed we hung the tv in the master bedroom. As of yesterday, only the kitchen, linen closet, master closet, and guest bath were complete. The cleaning process is slow going, but it is coming along.

We're are loving the pool and spa. The bbq is great, too.

Here's before/after shots of the kitchen

and guest bath

Below are slideshows, first is the house after we moved in. The peacock in the window will be coming down along with all the other painted windows. And then there's the backyard. I love all the flowers! The roses are blooming, the morning glories and oleander are pretty, too. Hummingbirds love the oleander by the palm trees near the spa. The fountain in the corner empties into the koi pond.

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