June 25, 2008

Bright light city...

We had another highly enjoyable meal at Seablue on Monday night. We ordered chilled gulf shrimp to start – Scrumptious, as always. Each of them created their own salad, all were unique and delicious. Frank’s parents had scallop skewers and cod. Frank and I chose halibut with lentils and rice, and asparagus. Everything is always light and fresh, it’s perfection.

Yesterday, the in-laws baked lasagna and made meatballs. That was a tasty treat. There’s plenty leftover so we’ll be feasting on it again today.

Last night, Frank and I attempted to hang our hammock in the sunroom, but a circuit blew when Frank drilled the first hole. Not sure if we hit electrical wires or if the power of the drill caused it. It took us nearly 40 minutes to locate our circuit breaker box. We eventually came across it outside on the side of the house behind some vines. Very strange, anyone could walk up and turn off our power. We made a note to buy a lock. We flipped the breaker, and power returned to the sunroom. However, we no longer felt like messing with it and we decided to hop into the pool instead.

An hour or so passed and we were all in the spa, when the entire neighborhood lost power. There were two failed surges to return power, but we were left in darkness. Neighbors flocked to the streets, Frank and his mom drove around to see how much area was affected; it was a few blocks in either direction covering our entire subdivision. The outage lasted about an hour. We lit a candle and ate ice cream to pass the time. It was odd; it’s been years since I’ve been without power for more than a couple minutes. Power outages just don’t happen often. I figure there must have been an accident that took out some of Nevada Power’s equipment. Even with the loss of power and lack of moon light, the skies sure were bright; it’s amazing how much light floods the sky from the glow of the strip.

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