June 5, 2008

Nothing is ever easy

I've really had a hellish week, and it's only Thursday morning... Problems generally arise during the home buying process, ours, have all happened to erupt in the final days. We've had one issue after another. Nearly every problem has been due to lack of information and miscommunication by our lender. Needless to stay, they won't be receiving the 5 star rating that they've been begging for on every email, fax and mailed letter. We went to the title company for closing yesterday, but we refused to sign and we walked out empty handed. After hundreds of phonecalls and much frustration we're ready for closing attempt #2 at noon today. Hopefully, this try will go without a hitch. With any luck, funds will transfer in time to allow us to record today, so we can receive the keys to our new house by the end of the day.

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