June 3, 2008

Are we there yet?

What a day, yesterday... All last week we checked with our loan specialist daily to be sure they had all that was needed, we were golden. Then mid-morning the emails started. I was chasing docs and making calls until 4pm. It was crazy! We were short-handed at work, so that made things more challenging.

It was all worth while, closing is scheduled for 2pm tomorrow. Hooray!

In other news, remember how I mentioned our condo HOA was harassing us about the Jimmy? Well the saga continues… but first, let’s bring you up to speed. We’ve lived in our complex for 4.5 years with two complaints: loud music coming from the Trans Am, and my brother jumped off the waterfall into the pool once when visiting. In the 2+ months we’ve had the Jimmy, we’ve had three complaints. Lack of registration the morning after we purchased it, no repairs on property (we checked the oil), and mud chunks. I cleaned up the ring of mud (to avoid fines) the day Dolores called. As the mud continues to dry, pieces periodically fall to the ground. Since then, I’ve picked up the large pieces and swept around the truck. Yesterday, my neighbor informed me that the cunt, err, Dolores has been coming by daily to check on the Jimmy. The neighbor's husband calls her the FBI. She said she looks underneath the truck, walks circles around it, and she's complained to them that it's noisy and questioned if they had any issues. She said they didn't, and that she knew my mom had a farm in Pahrump, and explained that it would naturally get dirty... of course, that's not how it got dirty, but I appreciated her sticking up for me.

Does this woman have nothing better to do? I'm actually kind of amused that this woman's world is so shaken up over a muddy truck. Frank wants to stick a note under the truck that says something along the lines of …if you can read this, you must be Dolores, so fuck off!! I suggested we leave the truck there after we move just to torture her.

After all the days stresses, we had a nice dinner at Amore. Minestrone soup and stuffed pizza were tasty as always. As if we weren't anxious to move before, now, all the fuss over the Jimmy has us especially eager to leave. Plus, after the final walk-thru on Sunday it finally began to feel real. Ever since, one of us continuously mentions how we can’t wait to move. We’re as bad as kids asking their parents are we there yet?

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