May 30, 2008


When is the last time you had them? And did you know it would be the last? This was the subject on the local morning radio show on my way into work today. I haven’t had a Pop-tart since high school. I used to eat them or dry Fruit Loops for breakfast each morning outside my locker. Crumbs would fall and I’d regularly host a family of ants – nice, huh? I used to wash down my breakfast of champions with clear watermelon Kool-Aid or a diet pop.

Lunches often consisted of Cheetos and a Whatchamacallit. Some days I’d opt for the chewy fruity goodness of Mamba.

To make matters worse, when I’d get home, Doritos were my snack of choice. I’d scarf down half a bag in one sitting without any effort. Nutty bars were another favorite. Matt’s Cookies or Soft Batch were other weaknesses.

Most dinners that my mom prepared were beef or pork roasts because my dad didn’t consider poultry or fish to be meat. Sides were always corn and potatoes. I’d cap my nights off with dessert -- a whopping bowl of cookie dough ice cream. Amazing that I was able to stay slim, especially since I never participated in sports and my effort level in gym was minimal. Ahhh... If I could only have that metabolism back.

These days, I have to keep a balance of healthy meals and splurges, and exercise four times a week so I can keep my ass in a size four. I haven’t had a single Cheeto or Dorito in a couple years, I think I’d gag from the sweetness of Kool-aid, and I can’t imagine starting my day with a Pop-tart. I realized somewhere between here and there, I grew up. Funny how age sneaks up on you, but with age comes wisdom. I can now appreciate brussels sprouts, asparagus, lamb, duck, fish and all kinds of things I never imagined I’d enjoy. I wonder what else I’ll discover with age.

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