May 8, 2008


Yesterday on my lunch break I stopped by Minuto’s Italian Deli. I picked up hot Italian sausage and bread, sausage roll, and a calzone. The latter will be dinner tonight. Last night, I sautéed onion and green pepper and we had delicious Italian sausage sandwiches for dinner.

Frank was itching to get out of the house so we headed out, Frank told me to choose between Rampart, Red Rock or Suncoast. I noticed that we could make the 9pm Bingo session at Red Rock so I suggested we go there.

I couldn’t believe the parking garage elevators still had duct tape keeping the button cover secured to the wall. I first noticed it about three weeks ago when we caught a movie at the theaters. A billion dollar property is held together by duct tape, ahh, the irony. I can’t be the only one that finds that funny. But then again, I’ve never bought into Red Rock being anything more than a local’s casino. I mean how classy can a property be if it has a food court, movie theater and bowling alley. Not to mention the place is flooded with teeny boppers, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. The parade of future strippers and the pussies - ahem, men - they’ll one day support, crowds of emo kids, and rebellious types puffing on cigs in the elevators and stairwells are all far more annoying than amusing. We avoid the place like the plague on the weekends, fortunately weekdays are manageable… hence, my suggestion for bingo.

We got seated and situated, then waited for the session to begin. We haven’t played Bingo in a couple months; this was a second experience with Million Dollar Bingo. They claim five balls can change your life, but they’ve haven’t helped me yet. I think I prefer their old promotion with individual session jackpots, but those days are gone so no reason to fret. A few games in, we won regular bingo, but so did sixteen others. We won a whopping jackpot of $5. Life changing? Hardly. The rest of the session was typical… you’re down to one or two numbers, and you believe you have a chance, you begin to will numbers to be called and then it happens… someone screams out BINGO! Damn, them! The quiet room sighs and mutters all kinds of terrible things under their breath. I suppose that’s the fun of it, though. Ultimately, I like it because my buy-in is guaranteed to last an hour.

On our way out Frank threw $20 in double double bonus video poker. He played for a while, but no royals or aces with a kicker were dealt despite our begging and pleading. As usual, the credits wore down to zero. Aside from bingo and poker we’ve never walked out of Red Rock with winnings, so I don’t know why we’d expect anything different. At least, now, they can buy more duct tape.

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