May 27, 2008

A long overdue, long weekend…

We kicked off my long weekend with dinner Friday night at Amore; my mom’s treat. Minestrone soup and pizza really hit the spot. My mom headed home and Frank and I had a quiet night.

Saturday, I cleaned house, did laundry and got started packing. I whipped up stroganoff for dinner and we stayed in. We played a game of Uno while it rained buckets outside. Hard to believe days before temps soared to 107 and this weekend we had near record lows and scattered storms. Felt like I was back in Chicago for a bit there.

Sunday afternoon we took the Jimmy out. We went to the Paradise Hills trails which we've done before, but this time we went over the mountain to the dry lake bed on the other side.

Those power lines were snap cracklin' poppin' like you wouldn't believe.

Frank scoping out the trail ahead.

We parked and pulled out the guns. On our way out, we stopped at Wal-Mart to buy golf balls. Frank busted those out and shot them with the shot gun. He didn't get many good drives; he thinks he needs more powerful ammo. We fired a few clips from the Glock. Then, I tried to launch clay pigeons with the EZ-thrower. EZ my ass. I could not get the hang of it, its Kellee proof, I swear. At least, it provided Frank with a good laugh. Fortunately, I was able to successfully throw the clays by hand. Afterwards, we packed up and made our way over the mountains to the dry lake bed.

We drove around forever looking for water. It dries up so quickly in the desert. We came across a puddle of mud, Frank played in it until it dried up.

He managed to kick up a little mud

We drove around and found the lowest part of the lake bed. Not much water was on the surface, but you could tell the water table was high. Ruts from previous visitors were filled with water. We played in those and got muddier.

I was amazed how muddy the truck got considering the lack of water/mud. It'll be an absolute blast, immediately following a rain, when there's large puddles and mud to plow through.

Since we were out in Henderson, we decided to have dinner at Lucille's BBQ. It was Frank's idea; I couldn't have been more pleased. We drove up to the District, I had to laugh as caked mud slinged off the truck... we're always classing up the place. Dinner was excellent. Biscuits, artichoke spinach dip, pulled pork, fried chicken, cheesy grits and mac & cheese. Yummy, yum, yum!

We stopped at the car wash on the way home. The bay was flooded with mud, after a couple attempts at power washing it away some remained under the truck. In fact, in our parking lot, there's currently a ring of dried up mud surrounding the Jimmy. Our HOA is having a fit about it; they can sweat it out until later today.

Monday we went to my mom’s and barbecued cheeseburgers and rib eyes, we also had corn on the cob and garlic bread. We can’t wait to fire up our own grill at our own house. Soon… I know. We rode Fancy. She was not being cooperative; evidently she was not in the mood to be ridden. When I was riding, she wouldn’t obey my commands and she kept trying to spit out her bit - silly horse. Needless to say, I didn’t ride long. After the sun set, Frank lit the fire barrel. We sat around that and gazed at the stars before we headed back home.

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