May 6, 2008

Review: T.C.'s Rib Crib

We were craving BBQ, our first thought was Lucille’s BBQ but open table doesn’t accept same day reservations after 5pm. I suggested we try T.C.’s Rib Crib instead.

We were warmly greeted when we arrived, there were a few diners, but more folks were waiting on carryout. We sat at a table toward the back; we ordered a couple iced teas and browsed the menu. Everything sounded delicious, but we settled on a pulled pork sandwich with mac & cheese and cornbread, and a full slab of baby back ribs with potato salad and sweet potato fries.

We looked over the family photos that lined the walls while we waited for our food. The iced tea had an odd aftertaste. Needless to say we weren’t fans of their brew.

The food arrived quickly and it smelled fantastic. We dug in right away. My pulled pork was tender and full of flavor. The bun was fresh and held together well. It was great. The ribs were meaty and the meat had a nice smoky flavor. A few pieces had quite a bit of fat, but the meat itself was tender and juicy. The sides were all great. The corn bread was the weakest link, it was a bit dry. The sweet potato fries and macaroni and cheese were my favorite. Frank enjoyed the potato salad, as well.

Regrettably, we were much too full to try any homemade desserts. Service was friendly and prompt. Our bill was $32 before tip.

Prior to dining at T.C.’s the only notable BBQ we’ve had in Vegas has been Ellis Island’s ribs and Lucille’s BBQ. I’d gladly add T.C.’s to the list and I’d venture to say they serve up the best ribs I’ve tried. Ellis Island’s are a greater value, but T.C.’s have better flavor (and I like their sides far more). I liked Lucille’s pulled pork a bit better than T.C.’s, but it was still great. When it comes to ribs, Ellis Island and T.C.’s both outshine Lucille’s. That said, I don't think you can go wrong with any of them.

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