May 20, 2008


The home inspection went well today. Nothing major showed up while Frank was there. There's one part to the pool that's worn, but it's no biggie. We’ll have a complete report in a day, maybe two.

Frank said he loved the house before, but now he loves it at least 4x more since there were a bunch of tidbits he learned of: the satellite dish is pre-wired, the entire house is networked, Vonage is even wired in every room, the surround sound/intercom can accommodate Sirius radio, there is an air conditioner in the garage, there is Koi in the pond in the backyard and all the plants have bubblers. He didn't realize the house had a central vacuum before, either. I was aware of that, but everything else was news to me, as well.

The sellers are moving out in two weeks, so we're going to try to close sooner. We spoke to the lender and it looks like it could be a done deal June 4th. So, now, that’s what we’re shooting for. Hard to imagine we could have a house in a little over two weeks. I am in awe. Someone pinch me.

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