July 2, 2008

Perfecting the Margarita

Yeah, we’re going to need a lot of practice. It turns out we don’t make very good bartenders. I suppose with free cocktails and 24/7 bars there’s little need to hone those skills. However, we wanted to mix margaritas to drink at home, poolside, well spaside. We like Cadillac Margaritas, so I looked for recipes online. Majority called for Tequila (Patron is king in my book), Grand Marnier and Cointreau with a shot of lime. I stopped at Terrible’s Liquors inside the Orleans after work. Then, I headed home with my goodie bag of booze.

After dinner (by the way, honey teriyaki beef kebabs from Whole Foods rock) and a few chores we were ready to relax. We set up a mini-bar and Frank got busy mixing and shaking. He poured the mixture over ice and we were good to go. Cheers!

Ooohwe!!! That was some strong shit. Orange flavor overpowered lime and the liquor was fierce. We tried to water it down with ice and more lime juice, but it tasted like shots straight up, instead of a Margarita. Frank had added an extra shot of Cointreau. In hindsight, it certainly was necessary. Even with the proper ratio, it’d be a strong-ass drink. I think it may need sweet and sour mix. I’m going to pick some up and we’ll give it another whirl. Hopefully, attempt two will be a success because a margarita sounds damn tasty.

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