July 17, 2008

Fuddruckers is a hit!

We met our friends there around 6:30, we were the first to arrive. We couldn't believe all the cars, then, we caught a glimpse of the line out the door. Shortly after we walked up 6 people left. Shorter wait for us, score! The owner came out with water while we waited and girls walked around with cookies for us to snack on. The wait wasn't bad, we got in line at 6:24, we ordered, and we were seated by 6:54. The owner went by every table to see how everyone was. Nice guy. We told him we didn't think they'd ever open. Evidently, we weren't the only circling, hundreds of others have been awaiting the opening, as well. We asked if they anticipated it to be this busy. He said we expected good crowds, but since they held off advertising until next month they never dreamed it would be as packed as it was. From 11am on they had a line out the door. They had a good operation going, only mishap is they ran out of ice. He said he had two 500lb orders delivered that day and another on the way, sure enough, ice was there within 5 minutes of running out. This location is the first to open of twelve. The next one scheduled to open will be inside the Orleans Casino. I work less than two minutes from there, so it'll be a great lunch spot.

Our meal was everything you'd expect from Fuddruckers. Everything was fresh and cooked to order. Service was good, quick and friendly. The Fuddruckers team did great under pressure on the first day. We can't wait to go back.

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