July 16, 2008

Good eats ahead

Today is Fuddruckers’ Day! The old adage “you don’t know what you got until it’s gone” sure rings true. We had Fuddruckers in Chicago and we ate there a couple times a year. The location nearby closed a couple years before we moved to Vegas. Then we had a long dry spell, until we came upon a Fuddruckers while we were visiting Anaheim, CA. Ever since, we check locations before we make a road trip so we can enjoy a cheap tasty burger and some of the best buns ever, alongside jalapeno cheese fries. We last indulged, in March, when we visited Phoenix.

I can’t recall when I heard that Fuddruckers was opening a Las Vegas location, but I do know it was one of the slowest construction projects I’ve witnessed. You’d think NDOT was behind it. Anyway, today, it finally opens its doors. We'll meet our friends Chris and Melody there for dinner tonight. I hope it’s worth the wait.

This morning, I made reservations for Nobhill at MGM. We’ve dined there once before and we had an exceptional meal. We’ve been anxious to get back, although tighter spending budgets have kept us away. However, when I caught wind of MGM’s summer menus I told Frank we’d have to splurge. I have no doubt we’ll be in for a treat Sunday night.

Also, Criss Angel’s show Believe has been delayed; it’ll now open in October instead of September. The preview tickets I purchased are no longer valid and we were issued a credit. That frees up $250 so I think we may stay at the Signature Sunday night, as well. I can taste the banana-nut French toast, from room service, already. Scrumptious!

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