July 22, 2008

Weekends are never long enough

And we never get everything we set out to do accomplished. It never fails.

This weekend I took Monday off in hopes of getting items on the to-do list completed. There was a brief moment we considered staying a night at the Signature, but those plans were nixed due to higher than average rates and use of better spending judgement. Frank was the voice of reason, despite having freed up money from the Criss Angel tickets he reminded me that we have slew of bills to pay. So, the money could be better spent. Once I got past the visions of banana walnut French toast dancing in my head, I agreed.

Friday and Saturday were pretty low key. I ran my errands and cleaned house. Frank got rear-ended by a stripper on his way into work. The Monte Carlo only suffered a few scratches, but the stripper's Mercedes was pretty beat up. Frank said she was still in her work clothes, shimmering with glitter and wreaking like coconut. No, she didn’t offer a free dance for the trouble. Meanwhile, I got my car smogged, renewed registration on my Impala, and reluctantly parted with $330 to do so. We took the Trans Am out for a cruise on Saturday night. It’s been tucked away in the garage quite a bit lately, so it was fun to get out for a ride.

Sunday, Frank made me French toast. It’s the next best thing to the Signature’s, so I enjoyed it immensely. We wasted away the day doing little projects around the house and swimming. Clouds covered the sky all day, temperatures were cool, below 90 most of the day. Too bad it was too humid to enjoy the relief from the heat. We had our first rain shower at the house. It lasted about five minutes, so it wasn’t really notable. Dinner was at Nobhill.

After dinner, I suggested that we go to Bellagio. I wanted to see the conservatory. Frank agreed, but he said he didn't wait to stay for fountain shows because it was humid and he was in pants. No problem, I was most interested in the current display. The train theme is back again this year, although, we felt it wasn't executed as well as in years past.

It didn't help matters that the hotel was crawling with people. It was wall-to-wall chaos. MGM was packed, too. Valet wouldn't even take our car; they were limiting it to hotel guests. Unreal, considering all the doom and gloom that fills the news. Supposedly, Vegas is dead and we're in a recession. I guess someone forgot to fill in the thousands of folks who filled the casinos Sunday night.

Anyway, we headed home from Bellagio. We went for a swim and then spent the rest of the night in the spa. We drank a couple pitchers of margaritas, it was a great night. Funny tidbit, around 3am Frank turned off the tv and turned over to go to sleep only to be awakened minutes later from a noise coming from down stairs. He grabbed the Glock and prowled down the stairs and went from room to room asking who was there. No one answered. He heard the noise again. The culprit was our bala shark digging in the rocks.

Monday, we brought the Jimmy in to get the exhaust fixed. Did that, then Frank noticed an issue with the brakes so we dropped it off at the other repair shop to have those looked at. We grabbed lunch at Fuddruckers. Then we walked over to the Mad Hatter Cupcakes and got a half dozen of tasty treats. We hit the pool when we got home and spent the rest of the day between the pool and landscaping. The yard is really coming along, although, I’ve come to the realization it will never be complete, instead it’ll be a constant work in progress.

Per usual the weekend went by way too fast even with an extra day. Over dinner, Frank and I commented that weekends are NEVER long enough. I mentioned to him that I think we should take a week off and stay home, especially since it doesn't look like Mexico will pan out this year - airfare is just ridiculous. I spooked him, because he had the same thought at that moment. We're tossing around the idea of taking off the first week of August.

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