July 28, 2008

Last Comic Standing, etc.

Friday, we had dinner with Jake and Alicia at Paris’ Buffet before the taping of The Last Comic Standing. The buffet is nowhere near as good as it used to be. It was still decent but definitely not worth $53/per couple. Oh well. We needed something quick, I suppose it did the trick. Went to the theater to be seated, and we learned the four tickets weren't near each other; two were on one side of theater, two on the other. Both were near the cameras. We tried to get them to switch our seats so we could all be together, but no dice.

We weren't familiar with any of the contestants since we haven't seen the show, but you could tell who the audience favorites were. Bill Bellamy was hilarious. I didn't like his side kick. She was pretty full of herself and she couldn't walk in her shoes. It was pretty amusing. The first comedian was our favorite, his name was Marcus. Jeff and Iliza were good, too. We’re a bit twisted because we found humor in the eliminations. We were seated near the stage exit so we had front row seats for the walk of shame. There were 8 comedians, 3 were sent home. After the taping, we grabbed drinks at Paris' lounge in the casino. Overpriced drinks, lame lounge act, but it was fun feeling like a tourist. We had fun people watching, but we had our fill around midnight.

The rest of the weekend was pretty routine. We caught a couple movies: X-Files and The Dark Knight. X-Files was a huge disappointment (bad, bad, bad) and The Dark Knight was better than expected. However, I hate MPAA ratings. The film is violent, but since it is PG-13 there wasn’t a drop of blood, and apparently dogs are only capable of visible bodily harm. Also, the movie dragged toward the end. Even so, it was one of the better movies released this year.

Yesterday, I made the mistake of allowing Frank to convince me to lie on the pool float under the mid-afternoon sun. I was reluctant, but he said it was very relaxing. I knew I could burn to a crisp so I told him no more than 10 minutes and he swore he'd keep me in the shade. It was very relaxing. I could've lounged there all day. I thought I was wise by limiting my time, but evidently, I cook faster than I imagined. By the end of the night, I was bright pink from my neck to my ankles. Even my poor boobs are fried. I wonder how many new freckles will spring up? Today, my bra is driving me bonkers, my tummy is itchy and my jeans are terribly uncomfortable. Just another reminder that I love the sun, but it doesn’t love me. The irony here is that I purchased a new 70 SPF sunblock on Saturday. I finished off my old bottle of 50 SPF on my face, arms and shoulders. I figured that would suffice since the rest of me would be in the water. Yeah, not so bright.

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