August 8, 2011

Weezer & More

Frank had a head start to his weekend, he golfed in Primm with his buddy, Josh. Afterwards, he picked me up and we had dinner at Amore. Few things are better than getting a taste of Chicago without ever leaving home. Yummy eats and good conversation. Josh will be in San Diego the same time as us, La Jolla is his hometown so he's gonna show us around a bit. I'm looking forward to the eats and secret beaches. On a whim, I told Frank to stop at Lee's Liquor on our way home, they were giving out free shots of cazadores, and we actually found Baltika 9. It's a Russian beer we had in San Diego, last year, that we enjoyed, I've looked for it since. Perfect for International Beer Day.

We ended up with an extra ticket to Weezer, because Shane hurt his back and cancelled his plans for a visit. Our friend, Darren, originally turned us down... to stay at home. So, when we headed out for the concert, Frank called and told him he was going. Life would pass him by if he sat still. Dramatic, much? But it worked, we swung by, picked him up and we were off to Red Rock. It was a sold out show.

The venue was pretty crummy, the pool kept everyone from getting near the stage. Other pools and hot tubs are scattered about so the lay out was haphazard. The sound was muffled. Still not as bad as Hard Rock's pool, though. So that's something. They covered two songs, one was just bizarre and the other was "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People. Every other song was one of their hits, but the crowd was pretty low energy. It gave me a really weird vibe, Frank didn't sense it as much. But I'd say 85% of people were there for a night out, rather than the band. They were busy taking self pics, texting, chatting. Granted we weren't first or third row like most of the shows we've seen in recent years, but at SOAD we were way back in the balcony and everyone still went nuts. Just odd. Either Weezer fans, in general, are pretty low key or the audience was just uninterested. It was cool that Rivers jumped into the pool toward the end of the show. The radio show this morning said what a great show it was. They've been there every Friday all summer, Weezer was the last of the summer concert series. Maybe it was just me?

We went to Yard House after the show. We enjoyed a couple Kronenbourgs to celebrate International Beer Day. Then, it was back home to rest up for our off-road extravaganza weekend.

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