August 20, 2011

Going back to Cali, Cali

Our last hurrah before football will be spent in So Cal. We'll be visiting friends in Oceanside. Then, we'll stay a night in Del Mar. Where we will go to the track to bet ponies and check out the Gourmet Food Truck Festival. We'll sample a treasure trove of delicious and eclectic foods served up by Southern California’s top food trucks.

Sunday we'll check into the Bristol in downtown San Diego. We'll catch a Padre's game and spend the rest of the day in La Jolla. We'll be sure to fill up on all of our favorite eats. Nom. Monday we're free to do whatever we please. Then, Tuesday we head up to Anaheim to see the White Sox for their last series of the season against the Angels. Wednesday we'll drive into LA for tasty eats and then catch another White Sox game before heading home.

My ankle might be immobile, but I am mobile. Thank goodness, I was really nervous before getting x-rays on Monday. Hopefully, I have enough miles left in my boot. I cannot believe I sprained this ankle again, it's only been a year since the last time. And it's my fourth injury since I broke it in Mexico in 2005. I really need to trade it in for a better model.


Anonymous said...

Bummer - sorry about your ankle - hope everything works out - take care and keep writing - thanks...

Jay said...

Hope you're having fun in sunny So Cal! Looking forward to the details.