August 17, 2011

Duck Creek

Duck Creek Village is about 25 miles from Brian Head. It rests at the edge of a Cedar Mountain meadow at an elevation of 8,400 feet. They have an excellent trail system for riding. We rode a 130 miles and hardly dented all that is available to ride.

I was stung by a bee in a meadow just like this one.

Lava beds

There are so many fallen trees in the Duck Creek area.

Responsible for the hole in our roof.

First of many mud holes

There were dozens of streams from snow melt, yep, even in August.

Broke 10,000 ft

You can see for miles at the elevation

Birdie singing at 10,000 ft

One of the many deer we spotted

Yankee Meadows Reservoir

Rolled my ankle and sprained it on this path.

Bee stung and bum ankle, and I am still having fun.


Panguitch Lake, this was our destination, but we were met with storms...

They left us soaking wet and cold. From here, we got lost and went 20 miles out of our way in a complete down pour, with lightening and thunder. Definitely had better times, but we soon found our way back and returned to the truck before sunset.

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Jay said...

It all looks amazing and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.