August 12, 2011

[kuh-bob] n. To char

Our friend, Josh bought us to Royal Persis to try Persian cuisine. We are always open to new things, and were excited to give it a try. Especially since he generally sticks to restaurants in the LA area, but found that Royal Persis delivers authentic eats right here at home. His family makes stews and such, but it's the Kebabs that are a treat. He says they're are impossible to duplicate in your own kitchen, and restaurants recruit chefs that specialize in these fine grilled meats.

We shared a couple dips to start. Maust' Moosier ($4.99) is yogurt with shallots. It was creamy, cool and savory. Kashk-E-Bademjan ($5.99) is loaded with bold flavors from eggplant with whey, onion and mint. Both are spread on lavash which is a flatbread similar to pita. I had Chelo Kebab Soltani ($21.99), which is a combo of filet and ground beef. Frank had stew with beef, kidney beans and a bunch of seasonings called Ghormeh Sabzi ($12.99). Josh's favorite dish is the Chelo Kebab Barg ($18.99) which is the filet kebab. He said the secret to the side of rice was to add lots of butter. I still enjoyed it without. We finished our dinner in the traditional way by enjoying a cup of hot tea. Sugar cubes are on the table and Josh said you place one on your tongue and you let it dissolve with each sip. I usually drink coffee and tea black, but I tried a sugar cube. I prefer it black, but it is fun to have the cube melt away.

I've had kebabs before at various Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurants and none have been as tender or tasty. I loved the marinade for the Barg. I definitely recommend it.

Service was friendly and unhurried.

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