August 10, 2011

Back for More

Sunday, my mom joined us for another day in Logandale. Frank and I had such fun there we wanted to go back and find the easy way in and explore more of the 200 miles of trails that are there.

We drove up through Logandale, Liston Rd is the first one after the Post Office that takes you to Mill Rd which runs along the railroad from there it's just up the hills to the point of entry for the trail system. There are covered picnic tables and an outhouse there, plus a huge staging area. We pulled the RZR off the trailer and we were off for another day of fun.

We were determined to find Petroglyphs, and thought we spotted something in one canyon. Frank and I hiked up the sandstone to see if we could get a better look. There were no etchings. But we did enjoy the beatiful sights. However, that climb wiped me out. 105 degree dry air and full sun had me begging for water.

Moss does grow in the desert.

We found no Petroglyphs there, but we did find them a short time later. They are actually "roped" off and protected. You can only walk into the area they are located.

I'd guess these were shelters, if not homes, back in the day.

Our next stop provided us with 360 degree views, it was stunning.

To the east is Overton, all that green was underwater back in 2004. Lake Mead has receeded so much since then, the people of Overton lost their lake. I can recall being at the boat launch just a few days before my wedding. Then, a couple years ago it looked like this.

Lake Mead has risen 25 feet this year so maybe there is hope for water enthusiasts in the Overton area.

To the north, trails head up to Logandale.

Valley of Fire begins in the west and heads southward.

From there we went down into an old quarry.

Then we wound around to the wash.

And found a nice cool canyon that had been out of the sun for sometime.

I swear there were bats in this cave.

From the wash we climbed to higher elevation. These ATV trails were wild, and so much fun with hairpin turns. Who needs a rollercoaster for thrills? Not me. I should've taken more photos but I was too busy holding on.

We found ourselves back in the wash before long. We came across a burnt out car.

We continued onward until we hit the dunes.

And then it back to where we began we packed it in. We are convinced to return to camp so I can get photos at sunset and sunrise. The rocks change color throughout the day so I think it'd be a really great opportunity to shoot during golden hour. Maybe this spring? It's much too hot now, and there will be little time for play while football is here.

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