June 5, 2009

A week's wrap up

I saw the funniest thing this morning…

I'm stopped at the light at Wynn and Flamingo, right in front of the Palms Casino. There is a Mustang headed east on Flamingo also stopped at the light. The guy gets out of the car, younger guy - mid-20's, my guess, he stands there and raises his hands in the air and gives the Palms a double middle finger - Fuck you! He dances back and forth shoving his hands higher in the air. Ahh! The things you see.

It brightened my day.

Beforehand, I was at the Allergist for my fourth day of Allergy Testing. I hate Hate HATE needles. So, I’ve had to find all kinds of courage to psych myself up for these tests. Fortunately, the injections aren’t too bad. Facing my fear is doing me good. If I could only get past the cold sweats I think I may overcome it. Intravenous and blood draw needles are a different tale; I’m still terrified of those. And I don’t think I can handle the self-injections when the Immunotherapy starts, but who knows maybe I’ll surprise myself.

I had twenty-four injections today, twenty-two yesterday, two on Tuesday and three on Monday. And I’ve handled them like a champ. Previously, I never would’ve thought that was possible. I’m a big girl now. Heh.

I’ve had mild reactions to most everything, but I’m definitely allergic to Phenol and Glycerin, as well as, Kochia weed and Arizona Ash trees. The first two left welt-like red bumps for days. The effects of the tray testing look like Braille on my upper arm. Those haven’t turned into welts because they’ve given me cream to keep the reaction at bay. Testing continues Monday and then I wrap up on Tuesday. Wednesday, I go for my CT scan. All these appointments are becoming tiresome.

This week has also been hectic at home. The house is either acting out for us being away for a week or it knew our first year anniversary was coming up, it seems like everything has gone haywire.

First the neighbor told us our garage door was open for two days while we were on vacation. He came by and closed it. I know it closed before we left. It magically opened at some point, which it has done before. We’ve been having issues with it. Luckily, nothing has been stolen. I did find it odd that it looked like a cat tap danced across my car (we have no cats). Frank found a dead bird in the garage, too, courtesy of the tap dancing cat, no doubt. It all made sense when the neighbor filled us in. Anyway, the garage door opener is covered under our homeowner’s warranty (set to expire tomorrow); we called and scheduled a repair call. We had a bunch of loose parts and supposedly the florescent light bulbs are a no-no because they create problems with the transmitter, only incandescent bulbs are to be used. Easy fix.

Then, the ceiling fan in the office began making weird noises. That, too, is covered so we called for repair rather than fixing it ourselves. Turns out use caused vibration that loosened the parts causing the loud noise, the motor wasn’t going as we had expected. After tightening the parts, it was good to go. Another easy fix.

Frank noticed a leak in the front yard sprinkler. The overflow of water created a large hole exposing the pipe. Frank bought epoxy putty to fix it, but later that day we discovered the back yard sprinklers weren’t working right. There wasn’t enough pressure to push the heads fully out. Frank tinkered with it a bit, but made no improvement. The next morning the backyard was soaked and the pool was overflowing. Unfortunately, sprinklers are not covered under warranty. I called a repairman. It turns out we had a leak in the backyard, a tree root snapped the pipe, that was replaced, as was a valve, and the front yard pipe was repaired. $250 later we were as good as new. The money was well spent, though, the hole to dig to fix the backyard leak was large and laced with tree roots. It would’ve been a nightmare had we attempted to fix it ourselves.

Hopefully, the worst is behind us, and now we can relax. It’s just crazy how when it rains, it pours.

I’m thrilled the weekend is here. After work I pick up an old friend from the airport. She’s staying with us tonight. I’ve been friends with her since junior high, but haven’t seen her since our wedding. It’ll be fun to catch up. We also had the Jimmy fixed this week. We plan to take it out for a night run on Saturday. I’m looking forward to that. Sunday, I’m hoping for a lazy day, but we’ll see what unfolds.

And lastly, Amy, Jeff and Nicky are coming for a visit. I'm thrilled! They'll be here later this month, June 27 - July 6. Amy told me Nicky is very excited. Every day since they booked their flights he asks, see horsey grandma, auntie Kellee and uncle Frank soon? So sweet. Also, lately, everytime he sees an airplane fly over head he asks Amy to catch it. When she reaches her arms up and says she can't reach, he asks to be put on her shoulders so he can try. Too cute. I cannot wait to see them.

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