June 1, 2009


We got an early start on Monday in hopes we’d beat the traffic. It was slow going, the worst back ups were in Primm and Yermo. We cruised along in the Firebird, T-tops off, and soaked up the sun until the Cajon Pass.

Little did we know we’d be saying good-bye to clear sunny skies here.

From Anaheim

You can barely make out the mountains

From Anaheim

After the mountain pass the haze took over and the temp dropped a good fifteen degrees. The whole drive to Anaheim felt like a parade of toys. It was one SUV after another pulling boats, wave runners, quads, or dirt bikes. We saw a bit of everything. After a four-hour ride, we arrived at our home for the next few days, the Ayres Hotel. We checked in and got settled, and then walked next door to JT Schmids for lunch.

Frank had a blackened chicken sandwich with skinny fries and I had the club burger with bacon, fresh tomatoes and avocado and a side of sweet potato fries. They were delicious. My meal was the winner of the two. Bellies full, we walked back to the hotel and got ready for the White Sox vs. Angels game. We walked to the stadium, got our tickets, grabbed a beer and watched batting practice. The game started at 6:05, first inning the Sox started racking up the runs. It was a great game. I took photos of the guys at bat and it started a streak of home runs. It was unreal. We had a blast. Final score was 17-3.

From Anaheim

After the game, there was a nice firework display in honor of Memorial Day. It was a welcomed surprise.

Angels Memorial Day Fireworks from kellee on Vimeo.

Afterwards, we walked back to the hotel with that “fan buzz”, ahh! I missed baseball.

Tuesday the heavy thick clouds rolled in. It was chilly, cloudy and just plain dreary. We grabbed a bite at the hotel, complimentary breakfast. Then we were off to Ikea, we picked up a few odds and ends; mainly plants and kitchen utensils. I wanted glass jars, storage baskets, and cheap photo frames, but came up empty.

Weather hadn’t improved any so we returned to the hotel and had a nice siesta. We enjoyed our lunch at JT Schmids' the day before, and it was convenient so we decided to go back. This time we started with chicken & avocado egg rolls. They were quite good. We both had burgers and sweet potato fries, this time I had Swiss, mushroom and onion. Frank chose the winner this time, he had the Mexico City Burger with jack cheese, guacamole, cilantro, roasted salsa, lettuce and tomato. It was excellent. We also sampled their Hefeweizen. It, too, was good.

Next was game two. Another win, thankyouverymuch. 4-2 victory! Did I mention I missed baseball? Colon pitched a good game, it was fun watching him warm up beforehand.

From Anaheim

After the game, I'm burnt from the drive down, sun block wore off (must remember to reapply). Raccoon eyes and I even had seat belt lines across my chest. I felt like such a fool.

From Anaheim

Wednesday morning we packed up, and we were off to San Diego. Sadly, we left the T-tops on because it was still dreary and cool.

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