June 18, 2009

Feeling like a lab rat

Tuesday I spent nearly three hours in the dentist’s chair being tortured. Okay, not really, tortured, but it did feel like it at times. I had two replace two childhood fillings with crowns. The work was done on the two molars furthest back on the right lower side. The dentist really had to get in there, and it triggered my gag reflex or made me feel like I was choking. That really complicated things. Then, my gums bled like mad. I was a mess.

I was in a world of hurt afterwards, and thru most of the day yesterday. Fortunately, the throbbing stopped late afternoon. It was brutal for a while there; it took 45 minutes just to eat 8oz of yogurt. Today my jaw no longer hurts, unless I open too far. I only feel pain when I bite down or aggravate it. It’s a nice improvement. In two weeks, I go back for my permanent crowns. More fun. Joy.

This morning I went for my first set of Allergy Shots. I received four injections (glycerin, antigens for trees, molds, weeds and animals) I’ll have to watch for a reaction, but so far so good. I go for my next round on Monday. Today I was given my complete list of severe allergens, ready?

Kochia Weed
Arizona Ash
Bermuda Grass
Sheep Wool
Honey Bee
Rabbit Bush Weed
Fesque Meadow Grass
Sycamore Tree

Phew! Once you add my allergies to antibiotics and painkillers, I’ve got quite the list.

Hopefully, it won’t take too long for the shots to take effect. It would be so nice to feel good.

Tomorrow, I see the ENT doctor for a follow up exam and to get my results from my CT Scan. I’ve felt better since last month, but I haven’t had a good day since April, maybe? Each day I suffer from some kind of allergy symptom. This week, I’ve had a very sore throat, in addition to the usual congestion. Also, my ears have felt no better since I last saw him in May. I'm hopeful that the swelling around my sinuses has improved. We’ll see what he says…

I'm tired of feeling like a lab rat, I'd like to move on. Hopefully, he has good news.


Hurricane Mikey said...

Being allergic to honey bees has got to suck. I hope it's not so bad that one sting puts you in the hospital.

BTW, speaking of honey bees, eating locally produced honey will help you with your allergies.

Kellee said...

My bee allergy isn't bad enough to cause anaphylactic shock, I'd just show more symptoms than the usual swelling or redness.

I actually use local honey. Have you ever seen the Gus' trailers? We first discovered them outside Laughlin. Now, we hit the one in Pahrump regularly. Needles has an actual store. They have great jerky and honey along with other treats.

Kellee said...

here's their site. http://www.freshjerky.com/