June 26, 2009

Bring on the fun and chaos

Ahh! The weekend is nearly here. It’s been another long week. Temperatures have finally warmed up, though; it’s feeling more like summer. The pool is beginning to warm back up. It’ll be nice to go for daily swims again. Wednesday and Thursday we saw rain. The storms were hit and miss. Clouds would occasionally open up and pour a quick shower. We had a few strong ones rip by the office. It made for a very muggy commute home on Wednesday.

Amy, Jeff and Nicky arrive tomorrow. I’m so excited. I last saw them in February, but it feels much longer. I miss my favorite boy.

He likes to paint. I wonder why?

Jeff can’t wait to gamble. He wants to play poker and blackjack. We’ll also swim, go shooting and off-roading, and there’s a couple parks I’d like to take Nicky to if it’s not too hot. I'm also sending Amy and Jeff out for a date night. I'll look after the boy for the night. It's something I wish I could do for them often. All mommies and daddies need a break.

Amy and Nicky had planned to leave with Jeff on July 6, but she’s since decided to stay until August 4. She took a leave from school so she can look after my mom. Amy figures it takes about a month for changes to become routine. So, she’ll stay to help her get adjusted so mom can succeed in getting healthy. It’ll be nice to have the extra time with them.

Frank and I brought our old grill out to my mom last night; we had dinner and lent a hand getting things done around the house. She’s been too exhausted to manage it all. I hope the grill will encourage her to cook up something healthful instead of relying on quick processed meals. She’s only ever used charcoal grills before. Since it’s just her most of the time, it’s too much work to fire it up. I think she’ll find the propane grill convenient.

We stopped for fireworks while in Pahrump. Fourth of July is Frank’s favorite holiday. In Chicago, we put on great displays each year. We haven’t done our own show since we’ve been here, it wasn’t possible at the condo and last year we couldn’t afford it since we just moved into the house a few weeks before. This year, though, we’re set. We bought Saturn missile type things - these are 300 shots each, and a bunch of mortars and artillery shells. It ought to be a good show.

I have cleaning and child-proofing before they arrive tomorrow. Tonight, Frank and I are having dinner with his uncle. I think we’re going to M Resort, but I don’t know if we’ll be trying the buffet or one of the restaurants. In any case, I have lots to keep me busy before their arrival. Hope to wrap things up early tomorrow and earn myself a short breather before the fun and chaos begins.


Hurricane Mikey said...

I love that picture.

About twenty years ago my nieces were left alone, unsupervised, for not more than a few minutes, and the oldest one found a blue magic marker. She proceeded to give both of her younger sisters 'Smurf ears' and then had them do hers.

It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen

Kellee said...

Oh my... I can only imagine, that's great!