June 23, 2009

Always something

So, the weekend was good. Frank and Shane converted the brakes on the Suburban and replaced the fuel pump and other parts on the Jimmy. Meanwhile, I worked in the yard, trimming bushes, vines, and clearing out fallen leaves and debris. Frank was a sweetheart; he picked up masks for me to wear while working in the yard to help curb my allergies. They actually helped a lot.

Nights were spent at Sahara playing blackjack, drinking, and having laughs. We walked away with minimal losses. Over two nights I played for eight hours and only lost twenty bucks. I can’t complain about that. They went to M, Klondike, Joker’s Wild and Skyline on Sunday night. I was a good girl and stayed home, since I had to be at work early in the morning. I wasn’t up for a near all-nighter.

We had Amore, Original Pancake House, and Siena Deli. And also grilled a couple meals at home: souvlaki and ribeyes. Good eatin’, indeed.

Over the weekend, an allergic reaction developed from one of my shots on Thursday. It was sore, red and swollen. There’s still a mark today, but it’s feeling much better. Monday they gave me a lower dose; so far so good. I think I’m out of the woods, it’s been well over twenty-four hours.

Also, my mom received unfortunate news. She’s been fighting back pain since October. But aside from that she’s been feeling miserable lately. Her doctor ran a bunch of tests; the results revealed that she is suffering from Pneumonia and Diabetes. The news has been hard on her, but it explains a lot. Like I told her, now that issues are known she can take the steps needed to feel better. She’s pretty upset about being diabetic. She was prescribed meds, which she has started taking. Those will surely help while she gets a new diet under control. She’s been getting by on processed foods, red meat, breads and starchy vegetables like corn and potatoes for as long as I can recall. She needs to realize a healthy well balanced diet can be achieved. It’ll just take some research and more effort on her part. I’ll offer encouragement, support, tools and fresh ideas. My sister arrives on Saturday (I have vacation days next week) so we’ll be spending a lot of time together I hope to set her on the right track and she’ll heed the advice and take care of herself. She can be quite stubborn so it won’t be an easy task, but I’m up for the challenge.

In healthier news, Frank’s ankle is healing nicely. Now, he just needs to follow through with his PT exercises. That’s a big relief.

I'm beginning to feel like a walking version of WebMD. It'd be wonderful if we could put medical issues behind us, so we can get back to living healthy carefree lives. But there's always something isn't there?

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