June 10, 2009


One dollar blackjack. One dollar blackjack is back at Sahara.

As tourists we played dollar blackjack at the Sahara regularly. It was great! We’d play for hours, drink and usually walk away even. Once we became locals those tables only lasted a little while longer before going up to three or five dollar minimums. We were sad when it became a thing of the past.

Then, yesterday, I got word that they brought it back. I mentioned it to Frank, he was just as excited as I was; he wanted to play. We convinced Laura, her sister and her friend to join us.

All the tables back by the Nascar CafĂ© have dollar minimums. Blackjacks pay even money, unless you bet five or more, then it is 6:5. So, yeah, that sucks and obviously there are better games in town. However, at a dollar table I’m not looking to make money. I’m looking to have a good time and enjoy free cocktails. Twenty bucks at the table will last a helluva lot longer at the table than in a slot machine. And you know a cocktail waitress we be making rounds. So, there is value there.

We couldn’t all get onto one table so we split up, three and two, so we could all play. After a few hours, seats opened up and we were able to get on the same table. The dealers were having fun, we were having fun, and drinks flowed. I love being in tourist mode. We played for nearly five hours before I had to be the party pooper, it was after one o’clock and I had to be up in six hours. I lost $20, but Frank made $40, combined we walked out twenty bucks richer. I’m not sure how the girls did, they were still playing when we called it a night. Win or lose we had a great time.

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