June 30, 2009

Las Baygass!!!

Amy, Jeff and Nicky got in late Saturday just as planned. It was great seeing them again. I was in shock by how much Nicky has grown. He has long little legs. He’s too cute. A few freckles have sprouted on his cheeks, and his hair is cut short (no more curls), both make him look older. The baby has grown up he’s all boy, now. He’s always on the go, so that hasn’t changed a bit, but it’s hilarious how overwhelmed he becomes when he’s riled up. I suppose, there’s too much to do, in such little time… he simply loves the sunshine, moon and stars, and he gets a kick out of the airplanes that fly over the house (he shouts, goin' Las BAYGASS!). The kid is a fish. We swam and swam and then swam some more. He likes to go under, he practically mastered holding his breath and keeping his mouth closed. He hates floaties, though, and won’t trust inflatable toys, even if they are Spongebob. I thought since he lives under the sea, it might help Nicky feel safe, but nope. We’ll keep encouraging him to try; maybe he’ll surprise us?

The boy loves to sing. "You are my Sunshine" is the cutest and "Viva Las Vegas" is the most amusing. He thinks he's a rockstar.

He reads me stories about counting and ABC's

We have lots of fun together. It amazes me how much he remembers. He knows where I keep his toys, snacks, and towels for the pool. The best part is he fully remembered uncle Frank, grandma and me. Past visits it took a little time for him to warm up to us. This time he took our hands and said let's go! They didn't even get their bags yet. I know this month will fly by so I'm doing my best to cherish every moment.

Frank and Jeff gambled at Sahara and with my mom at the Plaza. They played blackjack and Frank introduced Jeff to craps. No wins, though. My mom had two rooms comped for two nights at the Plaza. So, they stayed downtown on Saturday and Sunday nights. Sunday we had brunch at Siena Bistro, aside from that we’ve grilled the rest of our meals at the house.

Vacation is near for me, only four hours of work left. Unfortunately, I have dentist appointment at 3:00. I need to have my temporary crown removed and replaced with permanent crowns. I’m hopeful that it will be quick and painless. I’m sure it’ll take time to get used to my new bite, but as long as I don’t have pain like I did two weeks ago. I’ll be pleased.

Since I ‘m not sure how I’ll be feeling I won’t be seeing the family today, they left for my mom’s last night. Nicky will have fun with all the animals. Tomorrow they’ll come back to Vegas and they‘ll stay with us until Thursday. Then, it’s back to Pahrump, Frank and I will spend Friday out there. Pahrump has a great firework display each year on the 3rd. We’ll check that out again. We’ll celebrate the 4th back at our place and Sunday is up in the air. Jeff goes home on Monday. So, they’ll be in Vegas to see him off. We have no firm plans for the rest of the week. However, if the weather isn’t too hot, there are two or three parks I’d like to take Nicky to see, and I think he’d really enjoy the airplane viewing area on Sunset. We’ll definitely have to check that out. We’ll play the rest by ear.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

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