June 29, 2009

Review: Studio B

As I mentioned last week, Friday we had dinner at M Resort with Frank’s uncle. We decided to try the buffet because we had two coupons ($5 off and one free buffet). We got there around 6 o’clock the line was very long, I’d guess it would’ve been well over an hour wait. We didn’t want to wait so we thought we’d try one of their restaurants instead. However, we lucked out, Frank’s uncle ran into a friend who works at M, he was able to get us into the VIP line. A few minutes later, we were being seated. Connections, you gotta love ‘em - a definite perk of being a local.

Fridays are seafood night a regular priced dinner is $25.95, but they knock off a couple bucks when you show your player’s club card.

The buffet is center stage with tables all around so no seat is far from the food. They have the standard offerings: salads, Italian, meats and veggies, Asian but theirs includes Thai (a welcomed addition), there is also a selection of meats, cheeses and breads, a variety of sushi, salmon, and on seafood nights they offer shrimp (boiled, fried and tempura), snow crab (hot and cold) and oysters. There is a wide selection of desserts, including gelato and a coffee bar. Also, wine and beer are included with lunch and dinner. They offer chilled glasses to boot. I thought that was a great touch.

Over the years I’ve grown tired of buffets. Given the choice I’d rather have a similarly priced meal at a sit-down restaurant. Though, I got to say M’s spread was nice. Everything I tried was good. That is a rarity; usually I have at least five or so things where I won’t take more than bite. Studio B exceeded my expectations (discounts and no wait surely helped). It is definitely the best local's casino buffet and I think it rivals the better ones on the strip.

I personally wouldn’t wait hours or pay regular price, but I do recommend it. Watch for player’s club coupons for discounts and try to hit the buffet at off-peak times for shorter waits. Dining before 5:00 and after 8:00 would likely be best for dinner. If you’re dining during peak times see if you qualify for a VIP pass at the player’s club.

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