June 9, 2009

Put me in a bubble

Nothing is ever easy. I should’ve learned this by now. Allergy testing has stalled because I’m highly sensitive to glycerin. Glycerin is used as a preservative for the allergens in the injections for Immunotherapy. Every dose so far has given me a terrible headache and a welt-like red bump at the injection site. Before I can continue tray testing they have to get the base at the proper dosage. Each day the headache is milder, we were hopeful today’s dose would be the right one, but the headache has reared its ugly head once again. Maybe I’ll have better luck on Thursday. Now, tray testing will lead into next week. I was really looking forward to wrapping it up this week, too. Tuesday, I have a dentist appointment. I need two crowns. I’m dreading it my last crown took a long time to get used to. I need a total of three – childhood fillings are falling apart and there’s not enough tooth left to have them replaced. The two are next to each other and are in the worst condition from grinding and clenching, so I’ll get those done first. It’s a huge hit to the pocketbook so I’ll wait to do the third.

I’m really growing tired of the daily poking, prodding, appointments, driving across town, etc. I cannot wait until the tests and upcoming dental work are complete.

This weekend I went through all my products checking for glycerin. I can’t use anything that has it listed as a first or second ingredient. Fortunately, most of my stuff was okay because I’m also allergic to cocoa butter therefore I choose many hypoallergenic products. However, all my body lotions were bad. Water, glycerin… in every single one. Shopping for a safe one was a challenge, Frank helped me read bottles to speed along the process, finally I came across Aveeno, and I had a winner.

I’ve suffered from headaches for ages, I’ve never pinpointed a trigger, and I’ve always attributed them to sinus issues and allergies. I never gave it more thought than that. It’s highly likely glycerin was the cause of my grief. Wild.

We’ve replaced our air filters at the house with the highest allergen reducing kind Lowe’s carried. Hopefully, they will make a difference. I figure I’ll try whatever I can to help myself feel better. Frank may even benefit from the changes, as well.

Everyone teases I should be put in a bubble, I tend to agree, that would probably be the easiest cure. But knowing my luck, it’d be made of plastic containing Phenol. Another chemical on my ever-growing list of allergies.

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