March 11, 2009

Unicorn found

The search wasn't nearly as long or as daunting as I thought it might be. Frank found his unicorn, or maybe it's more of a stallion. In any case, we bought a 1999 GMC Suburban 2500 with a V8 454/7.4 Liter engine, 4WD, and towing package. It's a bit worn, but the miles are low for it's age, it runs like a champ and it has a ton of power, which we'll definitely put to the test.

From House photos

Frank got it smogged and registered yesterday. It only took three hours at the DMV. Yeah, it's laughable. Last week, he spent nearly five hours waiting to turn in the Monte Carlo plates, change the address and renew registration on the Jimmy. Too bad we didn't have the Suburban at that time, it could've saved him a few hours of his life.

We've done a fine job of filling up the drive way. It used to appear large, but now it's pretty tight with the two trucks. There's a little canal left for me to put out/into the garage.

From House photos

Now, we need to save up and shop for a trailer. Then, we'll be ready for road trips. Moab here we come.

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