March 19, 2009

Odd things that bring joy

It’s funny to think about the things that excite you as an adult. I remember, one year, in my teens, my mom asked for a drill bit set for mother’s day. I thought it was an odd request, but she asked for it so I got it for her. She still says it was one of the best gifts – she’s gotten a ton of use out of it. Heck, I've borrowed it numerous times. However, I never imagined getting excited over appliances or household items, but I do.

I’ve received all sorts of practical gifts from Frank over the years – gym shoes, blender, vacuum, bowling ball, cell phone, pizelle maker, etc. This year, for my birthday, I asked for a carpet cleaner. Sure, I’d rather get a massage and have a spa day, but when times are tough, practical is good. He told me to shop around and pick one out. I found a Hoover SteamVac on Amazon with great reviews. It seems to be just what I need so I went ahead and ordered it last week. It arrived today. You gotta love early birthday gifts. I’m anxious to try it.

The carpeting on the stairs leading to the second floor and in the bedrooms is a light berber. We’ve wore dirt into the heavy traffic areas. It’s well overdue for a good cleaning. I really hope this SteamVac doesn’t let me down.


Unknown said...

Yep, you're officially an adult now :-) My first Christmas with me (now) husband, he bought me a power sander. His mom said "that girl is going to break up with you" but it was exactly what I wanted as I was refinishing a lot of furniture at the time....

On the other hand, I still tease my mom about the shoeshine kit she gave me in my Easter basket when I was in high school. And yet, I still use it, so I guess in the end, Mom wins?

Kellee said...

Sometimes, mom really does know best. Ha!

I wouldn't recommend all guys running out for a sander or steamvac for their woman, but it really is ok for some. Just be sure she really wants it. My sister, for example, is such a romantic. You'd never even want to tease about such practical gifts.