March 6, 2009


I took a stroll down memory lane, last night. I dug out old photos and scanned them. It is amazing how one little picture can spark such vivid memories.

My 5th birthday

From Memories

Most kids would want to go to Chuck E Cheese, McDonald's or maybe get pizza. But not me, no, I wanted Jardine's, an all you-can-eat restaurant that served peeled shrimp. Even after gorging myself on shrimp I had room for leftover birthday cake.

A day at the Medieval Fair.

From Memories

My grandparents took me, I rode a camel and elephant. The rainbow facepaint was just the topper for a great day.

Hating doctor visits.

From Memories

Growing up I spent quite a bit of time in doctor's offices and hospitals. It was pretty traumatic for me, anytime I had an appointment, I'd run and hide in my parent's closet and hope I wouldn't be found. In hindsight, I should've found a better hiding place.

Fun times with my cousins.

From Memories

I was an only child for seven years, during that time, my cousins kept me company. We were always hamming it up. We put on "shows" at every family gathering. Our dance routine to Thriller was probably my favorite.

My Cabbage Patch Kids tent.

From Memories

I loved to hide out in my tent. There were little pockets sewn on the inside. That was my secret hiding place.

Visits to the city.

From Memories

Buckingham fountain has been my favorite landmark in Chicago as long as I can remember. I loved to watch the colors change at night. Sometimes, if I were good, I'd get a glow necklace from one of the vendors walking about. It was like I got to take a piece of the fountain with me.

The old Comiskey Park.

From Memories

The new park was nice, but it wasn't the same. I still can't bring myself to call it US Cellular Field, it'll forever be Comiskey to me.

Halloween, my favorite holiday.

From Memories

I think this was 1995. For a few years, we held a haunted house in our garage. People came from all over to see it. I dressed up and went trick or treating every year. 1998 was the first year I didn't go. After that the holiday wasn't as fun anymore.

Las Vegas, 1997.

From Memories

Look, Lake Mead has water. Wish I could see it that full again. Frank and I fell for sin city on that trip. We didn't know how or when, but we knew one day we'd call it home.

Las Vegas, 2001.

From Memories

Finally of age! We could drink and gamble!! But we still took time out to watch the fountains. I never would have guessed two years later Frank would propose to me in that very spot.

Las Vegas, 2002.

From Memories

We made a handful of trips by then, we knew the city in and out. We escaped the chaos and spent time under the blistering sun at Red Rock Canyon. Little did I know we'd be Las Vegas residents one year later.

Chris and Karen's wedding.

From Memories

They were the first of our friend's to have babies and get married. We both stood up at their wedding and we had the best time. Shameful to have that cigarette in hand. Boy am I glad I kicked that habit.

It's fun to look back. And I've only scratched the surface there's so many more photos and memories...


Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved this article. Brought back memories of when I was growing up. As for the cigarette habit I have not yet quit the habit but have tried many times. Hopefully soon.

Kellee said...

Aww, thanks! It's fun to look back and be reminded of the events that shape who we've become. I've been smoke-free since Jan 2005. It took me a few tries, but eventually I truly wanted to quit. So, I made the commitment and stuck with it. It was the most difficult, but best thing I've ever done for myself. Good luck to you.