March 13, 2009

Successful First Run

Yesterday, Frank got home from work early, around 5:30, he told me to get dressed - we were going shooting. We took the Surburban out on it's voyage run. What'd it take? 2 days to break it in? Heh. It handled the trails like a champ. We weren't sure how it'd do on the steep trails and drop-offs because of the length, fortunately we had no issues. We found a clear area to shoot and got set up.

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He fired a few shots on the shotgun, and then we took turns with the Glock. I was rusty at first not having been out, since Bob was in town back in Dec. But after my first clip, I was back. It felt good to enjoy the fresh air, tranquility of the desert and release some aggression with a few clips. The sun began to set, so we packed up, and headed back to reality.

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I drove the Suburban back on the way home. It handles like a car, I like that. Driving the Jimmy is a work out, between the rear lockers and the lack of power steering. Backing up will take time to get used to, I've never drove such a long vehicle before. I'll learn...

It sounds like, Sunday, we'll head out to Wheeler's Pass or maybe Death Valley. Either will be great.

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