March 9, 2009

Just another productive weekend

Frank's back home, I picked him up at the airport last night just before midnight. He was thrilled to be home. There's nothing like leaving Las Vegas to make you miss it. He complained about the weather, but he got no sympathy from me, I dealt with below freezing temps, snow and wind. All he had was 40's and 50's with thunderstorms. He fails to see it could've been worse. He gorged on all kinds of good food. He was able to eat all of our favorites. I'm jealous he went to Giordano's, he also ate at White Castle four times. Now that's a bit much, as much as I enjoy a double jalapeno cheeseburger - I have no envy there. It was the chicken rings he couldn't get enough of; I can take 'em or leave 'em. The honey mustard, though, that's good stuff.

I managed to get a lot accomplished while he was away and still set time aside for myself. I did some reading, clothes shopping, and looked for shoes, too, but that search continues. I also did the usual routine cleaning and laundry.

On Saturday, I spent the day with my mom, by her place, which gave me the chance to meet Cha-Cha. Her newest horse, she's smaller than her other two.

From Mom's house

Also saw that her duck has been busy laying eggs

From Mom's house

After two rounds of shot therapy, my mom's back is still causing her grief. So, I helped her run some errands. We had dinner and she suggested we rent Mamma Mia, since we never got around to seeing the show before it closed at Mandalay Bay. We were supposed to go for my birthday gift, last year. I wasn't thrilled by the movie so maybe I wasn't missing out by not seeing the musical.

Sunday, I worked on the backyard. I filled two garbage cans and five trash bags with clippings and leaves. I tackled the side yard, which was never touched last year. Vines had grown wild, there is a garden work bench there that was left by the old owners, you'd never guess it were there because it was covered in vines. Now, it can be seen clear as day. I also cleaned out all the flowerbeds and pots, pruned the rose bushes, trimmed the palms and oleander. It was a productive day. It helped that the sun didn't set until 6:00. I love the longer days, I don't mind springing forward one bit. Although, it'd be nice if we didn't observe daylight savings time at all. It's such a pain to adjust the time on every clock at home, at work and in the car.

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