September 18, 2008

Today's Ramblings

Fortunately, water was back on when I got home from work yesterday. What a relief! Nothing will make you appreciate fresh running water more than losing it for a period of time. I don’t care what the monthly cost of water will be, whatever it is, it’s worth it.

I got word that my sister and nephew will be visiting in a month, to the day, actually. I’m very much looking forward to seeing them. It would only be better if my brother came out, as well. He’s been tossing around the idea of moving out here again. He’s 21 now, so that’ll open doors of opportunity that were closed before. Frank and I have offered to let him stay with us, so he can get on his feet. Frank’s gram aided us by giving us a place to stay when we first arrived, we were very fortunate. Her kindness, support and guidance helped lead us to where we are today. We’re forever grateful. We’ll happily accept the chance to pay it forward. The ball is in my brother’s court, we’ll see what he decides.

It’s seems like yesterday I was looking forward to September for the start of good tv. Hard to believe we’re already midway through the month. We’ve been enjoying episodes of The Shield and Entourage. Tonight, Always Sunny in Philadelphia premieres with two new episodes. Not too much longer before the premieres of Dexter and Californication. I can’t wait. This week we saw the finale of Weeds, I really believe that show jumped the shark this season. I’ve gotten into Mad Men recently. I’ve watched the first season online over the last couple weeks. I have season two recorded on my dvr. I think I’ll delve into those this weekend. It’s nice not to have that in between season lull. It’s great to have good tv back; I was growing tired of filler.

Also, I was happy to see the return of football. However, not much has panned out too well for me so far. I’m 0-2 in my Fantasy League; my other contests haven’t fared terribly well, either. I figure it’s early, if I set the bar low in the beginning. The rest of the season can only improve. I’m hoping, anyway. Meanwhile, I’ve been keeping tabs on the White Sox. I’d love to see them make the playoffs, but with the plague of injuries, I’m afraid it’s not too likely. I’m keeping faith that they pull through, get on one hell of a winning streak and somehow find their way to Anaheim. It’d be great to see a game before the end of the season. We only saw them once this year, in Spring Training.

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