September 4, 2008

Review: Capital Grille

We gave Capital Grille a second try last night. We had dinner reservations for six o'clock. Before I get into the details of the meal, let me share a little back story.

Earlier in the day, I contacted to make note of the restaurant being closed on Monday. They looked into it and awarded us 500 points (equivalent of 5 restaurant visits) for the trouble. Frank received a voicemail from the manager of Capital Grille. He made reservations with her, and she said she would provide us with Champagne for the inconvenience.

We arrived at the restaurant and they had a table prepped for us, it offered one of the better views, you could see fully north and south down Las Vegas Blvd. We were brought bread and Champagne. We made our selections and then we were greeted by the manager, she apologized and brought calamari with her compliments.

She claims calamari is their signature dish, it's prepared with pepperchini's, and it was the best calamari I've had. I'm no connoisseur but it was tender, breading was light and crisp and I especially loved the bite from the peppers. Frank agreed. Little did we know this would be the highlight of the meal.

Soup and salad were delivered, French onion and Caesar. The soup was alright, heavy on Worcestershire, it was too salty for my taste. The romaine in the Caesar was a bit wilted; we prefer it to be crisp. The dressing was very lemony.

For the main course, Frank had dry aged sirloin and I had filet mignon. We shared sides of mashed potatoes and sweet potato with squash. The steaks were large cuts, neither evenly prepared, each varied from medium to well-done. Flavor was good, quality was lacking. The filet was the better of the two cuts, but it still fell short.

Dessert was flourless chocolate espresso cake and vanilla cream. We took half of each dessert and created a better treat than each on its own. Again, adequate.

Service was great, clean up after our main course took a bit longer than expected, but our waitress was tending to a large party. Management handled Monday’s mishap very well. They went out of their way to make us comfortable and made up for any inconveniences. It’s just a shame I can speak so highly about the food.

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