September 8, 2008

Review: Mix

The fifth day of Restaurant Week we dined at Mix atop THEhotel. We had eight o’clock dinner reservations. We were seated at a table overlooking the west side of valley. Our waiter seemed thwarted that we would be ordering off the RW menu and we would not be having wine. However, service was fine. Ice tea refills were slow to start, but improved as the meal went on.

There were a variety of breads: baguette, brioche, foccacia and another that looked like a cinnamon roll, but it was filled with great cheesy flavor. Two butters were served, traditional and peanut butter. We were fond of the latter.

We each had shrimp cocktail for our first course. It was a unique interpretation of a familiar starter. It had several layers of flavor: horseradish, cheese, cocktail sauce, to name a few. It would have only been better if it had an extra kick from hot sauce.

We ordered beef tenderloin and cod for our main course. We each ate half and then traded plates creating our own version of surf and turf. The cod was beautifully presented and it was well prepared. The beef was simplistic, cooked to perfection and very tender. It was accompanied by pepper relish, which added a little welcomed heat.

Dessert was the Mix candy bar and a martini glass layered with walnut citrus and mousse. The name escapes me; it was different, but good. The candy bar was reminiscent of Snickers; lime sorbet was served on the side. An odd combination of flavors, I liked them individually, just not together. We also received extra dessert compliments of the chef. Baked sponge cake bites, served with warm Nutella. They were scrumptious.

Overall, the meal was very good. Doubtful that we would return because we did not feel the experience would warrant the hefty prices on the regular menu.

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